Kardashian resist sleeping at New York airport [photos]

Without Cosmetics powders "Kim Kardashian" appeared as she was trying hard to resist sleep failing to stop yawning.

After spending exhausted days in her husband rapper "Kanye West" private fashion show, and was leaving for New York City aboard a plane, the journalists' cameras picked up  photos of the reality TV star "Kim Kardashian" (34 years) fighting back drowsiness, where failed to stop yawning and appeared generally free of cosmetics tainted by exhaustion.
According to Mail Online the opening of the fashion set up by the "West" in partnership with the company, "Adidas" World Fair has seen, indignation by his daughter, "North", aged 20 months, forcing her mother "Kardashian" to be towed from the front row who was sitting done and out of the exhibition hall, to show the impact of fatigue, which hit the last on her face the next day of the show, during the return trip on the plane. Which cameras of journalists exploited, where they picked her many pictures as she was yawning, also appeared in one of which closes her eyes in an attempt to regain their attention and control in order to stay awake.
As part of the announcement of her husband fashion line and encourage him, Kardashian attended a "" opening display with dress strange designed by West,  but she comes back the next day to her elegant pattern, which is famous for where she  wore a T-shirt short-colored olive-black trousers covered under a black long coat. 

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