The Heat and White House down

There are two movies this weekend in the theatre and these movies have many famous and likable actors: Paul Feig with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in “White House Down” and Ronald Emmerich , Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in “The Heat”. One of them is showed on Friday and the other on Monday so you can watch both of them, but only the box office will determine the winner which will appear on Sunday night.” The Heat” brings in 1 million dollar in night and midnight showing while “White House Down” brings in 1.35 million dollar on Thursday night. Entertainment Weekly said that “The Heat” will bring the lead is about 44 million dollar while “White House Down” will bring 36 million dollar. The critical views had divided between the two movies . “White House Down” Roland Emmerich acted with Tatum who portrayed a police officer and he want to be secret service agent who is portraying the Potus when mercenaries attacking the White House. Emmerich ‘s vision of civilization’s collapse is so loony, he imagines great damage Slat said in the interview since the story started the action moves and Tatum and Foxx hit a nice body . In this season he said that he appreciated the boyish energy, but Rolling Stones Peter Travers was not accepting the ludicrous offering he said in his interview that there is dumb and there is idiotic .
For “The Heat” only it tops pretty in that familiar plot outline , box office mojo predict that neither “The Heat” nor “White House Down” will win in the box office this weekend because there is new movie which is “Monster’s University”
In the end both movies have great and famous actors and the two movies have great story and you should watch the two movies.

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