New York's Museum found the missing record of Martin Luther King Jr.

Museum of New York found a rare recording of a speech the American fighter Martin Luther King in New York in 1962 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary year of the Declaration of Emancipation Act, which was announced by President Lincoln in the first of January (January) 1863.
During his speech which was found by trained coincidence through archived audio recordings at the Museum of New York, Luther spoke 26 minutes on the state of inequality still exist between whites and blacks, and talked about the history of the law of emancipation of slaves and its importance, as well as failures in the provision of equality a reality for African Americans.
In spite of the existence of the original text of the speech is printed on the typewriter and adjusted it to Luther, however, the commissioner of education in the state of New York, John King believes that hearing the sermon is very different from reading them. Because it shows how Martin used the power of his voice and his words to change the nation, according to the newspaper "USA Today".
It also believes that the spirit of New York's Museum Martin Luther returned from the discovery of this lost new speech. You can hear the speech and see the text of the speech in the clip broadcast on display in the museum, "YouTube."

On the other hand, media star Oprah Winfrey Joined to the list of producers who are working on the preparation of a new film about the life of the leader of the civil rights movement in the United States of Martin Luther King.
The Website «Hollywood Reporter» mentioned that Winfrey joined the film along with producers Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner and Germ Kleiner, who are working to set up in the framework of their company «Plan B» of production that have already made the film «12-year-old slave».
The focus of the film, which bears the name «Selma» black activists to try to go in the march from Selma to Montgomery in Alabama in 1965 to demand the right to vote.

The film's director Ava de FERNEY said the theme of the film «dear to the heart of the Opera».

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