Lady Gaga real face Without Makeup

Two days ago, "Lady Gaga" appeared on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" putting a decorated wig and wearing, as usual, controversial clothing, but in one of the images after just 24 hours on the "Anstgram" change it , featured real form.
According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", the star "Lady Gaga" published a new picture on her official account in "Anstgram", and where she seems abandoned make-up and wigs and golden blond to show the natural form and the black hair.

The strange in the image that jewelry that put it on her head, like a crown inlaid with some blue jewelry, so when she was asleep on the sofa gray color, with the picture and wrote the word "gypsy life".
It Referred to as "Lady Gaga" is the name of fame, and her real name "Stephanie Garmanouta", and last Saturday she marked noisy concert on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" state "Nevada", and she puts the yellow wig with a bra on the wings birds and her usual dazzle the audience and raises controversy around her.

And the controversial of her the appearance, she said in last March to famous presenter "Jimmy Kimmel": "I feel comfortable when I wear what I like," she said: "I love the Republican because they allow me to be myself always, do not care what anyone says at me."
It is note that Lady Gaga scared photographers of her new appearance in last December .
Paparazzi camera lenses picked up pictures of the global star "Lady Gaga," while leaving the hotel, "Langham" who stay there in London.
The "Gaga" headed to the airport with her hair, which appears as drop-down ropes, according to the website elnashrafan.
Gaga was wearing also colored dress from a set Zeynep Tosun winter of 2013, and her black shoes Antalt huge famous, which amounts to 25 cm high heel.

Interesting Facts About "Lady Gaga"

Do you want to know 10 strange facts about, singer and fashion designer Lady Gaga known extreme passion for exotic clothes and her crazy and attractive dance?
Here's a set of exotic facts about her.

1 - Lady Gaga loves music since childhood she has learned piano at the age of four, and in the 13-year-old composed her first ballad, and the following year began the performance offers a lyrical in nightclubs in New York.
Gaga was controversial, especially among classmates because she has a weird and funky Style, but the irony that she received  did not prevent her from continuing to do what she wants.
2 - whose real name is Stephanie John Angelina Germnota, her manager called the name of Lady Gaga imitation of the song "Radio Gaga."
3 – it was agreed with her by one of the production companies to write and compose songs for other singers and now she writes songs and produces only a few songs for herself as well.
4 - Lady Gaga entered a private Catholic school (Sacred Heart Convent School )while growing up in New York Among the celebrities who have entered this school also was Nicky Hilton.
5 - "Lady Gaga and drugs": Lady Gaga admitted that she was taking drugs sometimes because it helps her to write songs.
6 - when she was Lady Gaga preparing for the graduation ceremony of her sister in the Convent School of the Sacred Heart was dressed very strange. Gaga was not enjoy their time at all while she was in this school when she was a child and when he was forced to return to attend the graduation ceremony of her sister wore a hat resembling a hat guard bees were carry bag-like Chinese boxes and wore a transparent pair of pants.
7 - her song Poker Face occupied the third place in Sweden and first place in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
8 - Gaga Permanently trends to wear the lowest quantity  of clothes was raises many reactions and Gaga surprised people in a meeting with Rolling Stone by strange interpretation for not wearing the pants, where she said, "my grandmother's blind, but she can see light things like my skin and hair she always tells me I can see you because you do not wear pants, so I will continue to not wear pants so long that my grandma can see me! ".
9 – she loves to follow the fashion world and her favorite fashion designer is Versace.
10 - and she likes to do charity Gaga has donated for concert performance by which the twenty-fourth of January this year, which amounted to half a million dollars for the victims of Haiti.

Gaga and Bieber are among the most lucrative celebrity under 30

Star "Lady Gaga" is of the most lucrative celebrity under the age of 30 in the world.

the American magazine "Forbes" revealed on the list for more celebrity profitable in the world under the age of 30, which led by the controversial singer "Lady Gaga" after reports said she earned $ 80 million (SR 300 million) in the period from June 2012 until June 2013.
Although "Gaga" was forced to cut her tour singing Born This Way Ball as a result of her thigh injury, she managed to earn 168 million dollars (630 million riyals) since the beginning of the tour in April 2012 until January 2013 and as it is possible to reach profits to 200 million dollars (SR 750 million) if she was able to end it, according to the website digitalspy.
"Justin Bieber" Came in second place on the list after harvesting more than 58 million dollars (217.5 million riyals) at the age of 19, he also reaps profits from the companies he bought shares of the Company, including Spotify.
And it occupied the top seven places in the list, a lot of singers and musicians, including the British, "Calvin Harris" in fourth and "Adele" in seventh place.
As it came, "Jennifer Lawrence," star of the film The Hunger Games in eighth place after reaped more than 26 million dollars (97.5 million riyals), was awarded the "Kristen Stewart" and "Taylor Lautner" on the ninth and tenth respectively.

Strangest unknown Services of Google

A lot of the amazing services of "Google", between entertainment and practical, not a lot of the pioneers of the World Wide Web knows about it.

1) Go to the search engine "Google" and select images section and then search for Atari Breakout and enjoy one of the most famous classic video games.

2) You can use "Google" as an alarm to alert you by the sounds by the advent of Deadline, so search through the date on which you want to use the word ticket timer in the end, through / calendar.

3) through / sky can see pictures of the external characteristic of the universe captured by NASA industrial satellites, in addition to other images directly from the telescope "Hubble".

4) Google nGrams service allows you to search for any word in more than 5.2 million book published since 1500 and until 2008.

5) If you have trouble in reading the huge numbers, search engine as "Google" helps you to read any number, even though it was composed of 12 units, and through writing = English at the end of the figure to know the English language.

6) Go to the and unleashed your creative imagination.

7) "Google" has launched a new video game recently as the SmartyPins to help users in dealing with electronic maps.

8) "Google" has a service will help those who wish to marry preparing for his wedding by knowing the distinctive places and create a special wedding ceremony to invite everyone.

9) There is a special directory in the translation of "Google" lets you draw the letters or numbers you want to know its meaning in any language.

10) through the link / fonts can be found on a range of distinctive fonts available for free download.

Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway become men

Vampire, and Oscar owner, is engaged in the process of changing sex makeup and clothing to demonstrate the role of the two men in a video clip.
Star of The Twilight movies "Kristen Stewart" has agreed to appear, accompanied by "Anne Hathaway," in the music video for the singer, "Jenny Lewis," and are wearing men's clothing and sporting mustaches, hats and wigs.
lyric Video has a design inspired of the most famous eighties songs and was clearly shown in hairstyles and shape of the mustache and clothes used by the artists, while "Jenny" was merely to appear in the center of the screen wearing a suit includes many colors like rainbow, while playing the guitar spontaneously large while that her band is surrounded her, according to the "Daily Mail".   
"Jenny" musical Band appear with her in the video consisting of "Barry Larson" and "Anne" and "Stuart", wearing white color and draw them all machine music used in the play, and appeared  in a  beautiful hairstyle  and elegant fashionable white clothes before they turn things upside down and switched to the men in the middle of the video.
Because of their prowess in the field of representation, the artist did not find any problem in the embodiment of the role of men within the clip singing; especially "Kristen Stewart" who impersonated a cocky man does not care about what is happening.
It is Noteworthy that the song is one of The Voyager album songs, which is long awaited, and this number is because of the participation of the stars in the music video, the album is expected to achieve a resounding success immediately after its release in the markets.