Surprises are the most important in the MTV awards 2014

Bloods , snakes and cries is some of the surprises of network MTV awards concert for music over the past three decades .. With the approach of this year's ceremony scheduled on Sunday, there is fierce competition among artists to provide the best tricks.

rock star Beyonce and new rapper Iggy Azalea topping list of candidates for this year's awards Each of them is a candidate to win eight awards. Winners will receive "Munman" statues During the ceremony, which takes place on the stage of Foram after recently renovated In Inglewood, California.
However, the ceremony is rarely focused on the winners, but all eyes will be focused on the performances and surprises.

Since its inception in 1984, the MTV awards ceremonies associated with humor and improvised moments.

Among the famous footage stunts clothes of musical recordings presenter Howard Stern in a ceremony in 1992 and Boogie performed by Britney Spears holding a snake in 2001, and a concert in 2009 full of events when Lady Gaga smeared the blood on herself.  

Amy Doyle, executive director of the MTV awards ceremony Said " each artist In concert sees one of the moments of the live review and the most competitive offers , everyone show the best of what he has to kidnap sight. 

"Because they know that a lot of the historical record musical moments In this concert they want to be part of the history of such concerts."

and Beyonce compete -who hijacked attention in 2011 when he revealed her pregnancy during the concert- to surpass itself this year with one of the most ambitious reviews.

Doyle said, "she will make every effort to do what other artists do not try to do."

Louisville Purge was done by a high school student for a fun

Louisville Metro Police said that after speaking with the student who admitted to DuPont Manual high school’s campus newspaper that he the owner of the original Louisville Purge threat  on social media but he did it as a fun thing.
By the way , the spokesman of police Dwight Mitchell said that the department is still investigating threats that spread in response to the media attention that followed.
Mitchell said that they still do not know if it is a hoax or not ?
on the other hand , the school’s newspaper ( the Crimson Record) published an interview on its website with the high school student , but it did not identify him.
As the student said to the newspapers , admitting that he thought it would be originally just a fun thing , and never expected to be as serious as it did , he shocked the first time when he saw the local media covering it .
Liz Palmer and her husband James Miller who helped out the students said that the students had no trouble finding the original source of the threating tweet.
The students spoke to the student and his father who confirmed the story as Palmer said.
And there is a call from police to the residents to call 911 if they saw anything suspicious Friday night.
The rumors of the Louisville Purge is based on The Purge: Anarchy released on 2013 which hunt and mobs and kill people during a fictitious 12- hours period.
The citizens will carry a concealed weapon if they get a permit for that as Mitchell said.
And until this moment there is no new news and we will cover every details about it.

Crazy Selfie Photos with the most dangerous animals in the world

Adventurer prowling around the world to take Selfie pictures with most dangerous animals, where he miraculously escaped from the teeth of the shark and lion attack.
After surviving when he was a child from a plane crashed in Zimbabwe, taking him and his mother, and his residence in one of the farms of Zimbabwe, has taken the lives of American "Forest Gallant" (26 years), a new path, where he became fond of brutal organisms and wild places that did not stop taking pictures that unite out, so he decided to study the biology of the animals learned to "University of California" when he returned to the United States when he became a young man.
To achieve his desire to explore more brutal animals and more remote wild places on the planet, "Gallant" traveled to many countries of the world, to reach the outcome of his trips to more than 40 countries. Through his bold adventures "Gallant” exposed his life in danger, which "Anacondas" snake wrapped himself with a length of 6 meters in "Amazon", and embracing the shark in "Bahamas", and he was just a few steps from the Komodo dragon in Indonesia. This is in addition to the face of lion and surviving from a bite of a poisonous snake.
In his interview with the "Daily Mail”, "Gallant" pointed out that more adventures which he fought are the middle of the fish in the Pacific island of "Palau" within the Islands "Micronesia" near the Philippines, and those that spent the middle of unique animals to Madagascar. And other adventures, "Gallant" adds and a description of one of the scariest most of them, he said, a dive during which 140 miles off the coast of Texas compound in the center of a very small group of Bull Sharks.
Through a series of documentary films have been displayed on the channel "Discovery" Recorded "Gallant" one of his adventures in the forests of Panama, which lasted from 3 weeks spent in horror severe and naked body, where he was forced to rely on himself to find food, water and clothing from the nature around him. Commenting on this adventure "Gallant" did not show no remorse on the fight, pointing out that he already has exposure to what is more than that during his adventures. 

George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamdien offer marriage notification officially

A spokesman for the local administration for the Kensington and Chelsea said on Thursday that the American movie star George Clooney and his fiancee attorney Amal Alameddine ahead with a legal notice in London, their intention to marry in Italy.

The news was confirmed that their engagement will be in a April when the legal group issued an act, in which Amal works there ,congratulating them through it.

The spokesman said the request for a marriage - or official notification of marriage - sent to the Office of Records Kensington and Chelsea in southwest London.

Clooney had to visit the office and Amal that each pays 35 pounds ($ 59) before the signing of the notification.

And Clooney, 53, Oscar-winning twice previously been married once before, but since his divorce from Talia Balsam in 1993 became one of the most star bachelors in Hollywood and has vowed not to marry again.

and Amal worked by a consultant to former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan on Syria and defended the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, the former before the European Court of Human Rights as it was represented by the defense of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks during face extradition proceedings from Britain.

According to a document that the wedding will take place in Italy, without giving a specific date. According to reports in the media that the ceremony will be held in September in Clooney's villa overlooking Lake Como.

Does "Victoria's Secret" lose the battle of her pink brand ?

The future of the brand "PINK" of the company "Victoria's Secret" does not seem very rosy.
It is possible to deny the company's well-known women's underwear from the brand, which indicates the color pink in English, after a British judge issued an order violating the use of the brand, which is famous for its t-shirts under the name "Thomas Pink".
The company raised Thomas Pink, which is named after its founder, British tailor which operate manufactures T-shirts since 1984, sued on the company for use of the Victoria's Secret brand, after the advent of the company to Britain in 2012 and its attempt to use the name to attract the attention of girls in the goods.
But experts from the two British and American noted that Victoria's Secret will stick to her brand PINK, at a time in which he referred others to the lawsuit could end the agreement between the parties, on how to use the brand, as they added that any decision by any of the two countries, not required to be applied in the other, due to the different commercial laws.