5 facts about Sexiest Man Alive Chris Hemsworth

When we speak about Chris Hemsworth as the sexiest Man Alive as he was named by people magazine, we should not call him that guy from the Hunger Games.

Celebrity bedrooms (photos)

Frontdoor Cameras penetrate the outlawed and enter celebrity bedrooms to show off how these stars live in their own rooms.

Sexiest Celebrities Bathroom Selfie

As if throughout the home, streets and parks narrowed them to end up to capture a Selfie in the bathroom!

Ben Affleck a shafted husband of unforgiving Fatale Femme

Theaters recently received film Gone Girl, starring "Ben Affleck", which is adapted from the highest-selling novels in New York,

The mysteries of the death of celebrities looking for the real killer

When a celebrity dies, the media focus on his death and his departure, what about who killed them? If killing raises the issue of the mysterious unresolved death cases even today ,