Charlize Theron terrifying in her new film (photos)

South African star, "Charlize Theron" changes her shape completely in her new film.
It became difficult to distinguish the features of the star, "Charlize Theron," after having to change shape in order to fully emerge in the new Mad Max film.
As reported by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the film, which’s produced it company "Warner Bros.”, is the first after 30 years of the previous part show of this series of films.
"Warner Bros" company has released already "poster" a new film that will carry the title of Mad Max: Beyond Fury, and in which they appear the star "Charlize Theron," in addition to "Tom Hardy", as one did not see them before.
The new poster appears in the above phrase: "What a beautiful day," while seemingly rickety car in the left of the picture, and next to it shows the body of a human standing on his feet, staring at the horizon.
In addition to this poster official, "Warner Bros" has released many of the high-quality images, one of which shows where "Tom", who plays the hero violent, while seemingly "Charlize Theron" quite differently in the new image, make it difficult to even identify her for the first glance, which confirms that she has undergone a significant change in the shape and hired experts to show effects on this image.
Changing the shape was not confined to the usual in the movies, but also extended to shave her hair completely, and staining her beautiful face, large quantities of dirt and mud.
In one of the pictures, "Theron” appears, aged 38 years, a car with the crew team, and shows where the features of her face completely, and her hair shaved.
The film's director and producer who helped in the writing is the Australian filmmaker, "George Miller," which was keen to combine "Charlize Theron" and "Tom" in his new film which is set in the period after the end of the world.
It is worth mentioning that the film is an updated version of which was released in 1979 and was a "Miller" is also the director, at the time he acquired it, "Mel Gibson" a starring role at the time.
The star "Charlize Theron" Keen to change the shape of this intensity in order to participate in this film, which she talked about it was always a dream for her. Although she has made ​​it clear at the same time it was the most difficult films that worked out, and the most physically taxing, and at the same time denied any problems between her and the team.
It also Participates in the film "Nicholas Holt" and "Zoe Cravats," and will appear in cinemas in May 2015.

American person was jailed for his role in stealing violin worth five million dollars

Man in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, the U.S. on Thursday sentenced to three and a half years in prison for supplying another defendant electric detonator used in stealing a Stradivarius violin from the 300-year-old musician in the orchestra.
It also ruled Milwaukee County Circuit Court on a man named Universal Knowledge (37 years) to remain on probation for three years and a half after his release from prison because he was a partner in the crime of theft of a rare violin that made in 1715.
and Nowlege  told the court before sentencing, "I just want to apologize to you and to all for committing  this sin."
Nowlege  , who was convicted of working as a barber in Milwaukee supplying another defendant Salah Jones electric detonator used in stealing a violin. Jones is being tried on charges of causing injury violinist Frank Almond permanent disability.
The crime occurred assault and robbery while he was leaving the Le Monde a musical performance on January 27 in January.
Prosecutors said that Jones stole a violin worth about five million dollars.
He is scheduled to appear in court representing Jones in the first of August next.

Does Robert Downey participate in Iron Man 4

The star, "Robert Downey Jr." talks about the future of the Iron Man film series, stressing that he has a good time in the current period.

famous star, "Robert Downey Jr." Talked Finally about the future of movies starring Iron Man series, of a high mass, which rumors escalated recently about its fate.
As the Web site reported digitalspy, the American famous star, accustomed over the years to perform the role of "Tony Stark", a personal disappears behind Iron Man, and it was the last part of Iron Man 3 has won huge admiration hit, as it will appear in the same personal films coming from series Avengers.
"Downey Jr. stressed " he did not specify anything regarding the future, at this stage of his life, after the end of filming The Avengers two movies, and that in the course of his answer to the question is trying to explore what will happen to his character, and whether he intends re-acting in the future or not.
In the same context, "Downey Jr." did not confirm or deny what the future of the superhero character who performed it, and it's all on hold by the offers will receive from, "Disney" and "Marvell" companies , which share in the production of the film series.
As for the present time, he has said that he enjoyed his time away from any links, it did not come to anything serious at the moment, which means that he has a resting a bit after that indulged in personal performance for several years in the past.

It is noteworthy that the first time that "Downey Jr." led the personal "Tony Stark" or what is known as Iron man in the movie Iron man was in 2008, and revolves around a billionaire messed up is the "Tony Stark" is trying to manufacture a suit metal to protect it from threats to , then things get out of control completely after that. The second part of the film in 2010 and it is revealed the secret identity of the hero, and events complicated after many health problems. The third part has appeared in 2013.

Lady Gaga participates in part II of Sin City and Paparazzi captured her like Mona Lisa (Photos)

Choosing the singer "Lady Gaga" to be displayed in the second part of the film Sin City, which bears the name of A Dame to Kill For.

the star, "Joseph Gordon-Levitt," Revealed during a meeting in one of the radio stations that the American star "Lady Gaga" appeared during the second part of the film Sin City in who took the role of "Johnny."
"Levitt" said that "Gaga" led her role like a professional actor, which greatly impressed him during the follow-up to film her scenes, according to the website digitalspy.
The film is adapted from a comic book, who co-authored both "Robert Rodriguez" and "Frank Miller" and had been displayed in August 2014.

It is worth mentioning that the film saw the participation of a large number of representatives of them, "Josh Brolin" and "Mickey Rourke" and "Jessica Alba" and "Jimmy King" and "Jimmy Shang."
On the other hand , The camera "Paparazzi" took pictures for "Lady Gaga" in golden robe, and another "Monelise!"

It Is no longer unusual to see Followers "Lady Gaga" in controversial clothing, this time in the robe of the famous painting "Mona Lisa."
The "Lady Gaga" has emerged from the studios ITV London when lenses pictures picked her with a Gold dress and Crown, the same day appeared with a robe is not classified, a cloth open sides with a picture of the "Mona Lisa", according to the website "technical bulletin".
Persisting in the simulation painting, "Gaga" brought down her hair the same way, with pale makeup, but still the difference between them is certain, that the "Mona Lisa" were not wearing a dress with a picture of "Lady Gaga"!

Lady Gaga real face Without Makeup

Two days ago, "Lady Gaga" appeared on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" putting a decorated wig and wearing, as usual, controversial clothing, but in one of the images after just 24 hours on the "Anstgram" change it , featured real form.
According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", the star "Lady Gaga" published a new picture on her official account in "Anstgram", and where she seems abandoned make-up and wigs and golden blond to show the natural form and the black hair.

The strange in the image that jewelry that put it on her head, like a crown inlaid with some blue jewelry, so when she was asleep on the sofa gray color, with the picture and wrote the word "gypsy life".
It Referred to as "Lady Gaga" is the name of fame, and her real name "Stephanie Garmanouta", and last Saturday she marked noisy concert on the stage of "MGM Grand Arena" in "Las Vegas" state "Nevada", and she puts the yellow wig with a bra on the wings birds and her usual dazzle the audience and raises controversy around her.

And the controversial of her the appearance, she said in last March to famous presenter "Jimmy Kimmel": "I feel comfortable when I wear what I like," she said: "I love the Republican because they allow me to be myself always, do not care what anyone says at me."
It is note that Lady Gaga scared photographers of her new appearance in last December .
Paparazzi camera lenses picked up pictures of the global star "Lady Gaga," while leaving the hotel, "Langham" who stay there in London.
The "Gaga" headed to the airport with her hair, which appears as drop-down ropes, according to the website elnashrafan.
Gaga was wearing also colored dress from a set Zeynep Tosun winter of 2013, and her black shoes Antalt huge famous, which amounts to 25 cm high heel.