The death of star of Lawrence of Arabia at the age of 81 years

Actor Peter O'Toole died Saturday, who starred in the famous film Clarence, Lawrence of Arabia, and so at the age of 81 years, according to what was confirmed by his rep Steve Keynes.
Keynes said that O'Toole's death was a natural death in the hospital.

And O'Toole has gotten eight international awards in his career about the roles carried out by the beginning of the film Lawrence of Arabia in 1962, but he was unable to win an Academy Award.
In the first official reaction, the Irish president Michael Higings said: “Ireland lost in particular and the world in general one of the giants of cinema and theater."
O'Toole has suffered in some periods of his life from alcoholism, but returned to acting in the last stages of his life.

His rep said that O'Toole died on Saturday in Wellington Hospital in London after a long illness.
The agent said Steve Keynes "he was a giant in his field and irreplaceable talent."

Peter O'Toole began his artistic career in Bristol and London when he was at the age of 17, and got his big break when he assigned the great director David Lean has the role of Lawrence of Arabia in 1962.
Peter O'Toole was nominated for an Oscar for films Lawrence of Arabia and Becket, and the lion in winter and goodbye Mr. Chips.

The discretionary Oscar was given to him in 2003.

O'Toole had initially refused to receive the award, saying he still represents preferably a well-deserved win.
Peter O'Toole hero movie "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) Announced retiring of acting at the age of seventy-ninth.

He said in a statement carried by the American magazine "People" "it is time to pause and stay away from the movie and theater. No longer feel excited to do it."

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