Bids raise the price of golden "iPhone 5 S" 10's of thousands of dollars Black market flares up after running out of subtractions officially on the market

The  Advertisement of "Apple" Sparked last week, out of the amount of phones, "iPhone 5 S" with a golden color, e-commerce sites that embraced auctions in those phones, which amounted to more than 10 thousand dollars, according to the economic newspaper.
The information technology industry giant has been recorded a distinguish success by its new smart "iPhone 5 S" in gold, the first time they put the "Apple" smart phone in this color.
Within minutes of the register for the first time in the stores, "Apple" in various parts of the world yesterday, ended the supply due to strong demand for "iPhone 5 S", which led to a significant increase in demand for the device in the e-commerce sites such as "eBay" and "Craigslist".
According to the record bid, which has to sell the phone "iPhone 5 S" with a capacity of 16 GB Show Buyer road 10 thousand dollars to win the deal, which compete with 51 as a buyer.
CEO of "Apple" Tim Cook has announced yesterday the company's success in the sale of nine million phone "iPhone 5 S" The cheapest phone "iPhone 5 C" during the days of the put.
Cook said "This is the first launch for iPhone phones so far with the sale of more than nine million units registered a record sales figure on the weekends." He added that "the demand for new iPhone phones incredible, and while we sold initial our first product of" iPhone 5 S” stores are still receive new batches of it regularly."
The phone "iPhone 5 S" is the most expensive and most luxurious among the new phones, which features a faster processor and a camera with the highest specifications, in addition to identifying property on the user's fingerprint fingers. As stated stronger demand for the cheapest version with the plastic casing of the phone "iPhone 5 CNN."

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