Fast and Furious 7 will be revived by Paul Walker Brother

The rumors talks about the possibility of participating the youngest brother of Paul Walker in the seventh part of Fast and Furious 7, his name is Cody Walker , and he could play Brain O’Conner in the final scenes of the movie, which it would bring the movie to fruition. Cody Walker is 25 years old and resembles his older brothers in lot of ways, though he has not yet accepts the role, but the offer is on the table as various media outlets reported.
the latest Fast and Furious was stooped filmed by Universal Pictures immediately after the death of Paul Walker, who was died at the age of 40, so it enforced to put the production of the movie in limbo, but after the latest news about the participating Cody Walker in the movie making it is possible to make us see the movie again. Although the producers were aiming for July 11, 2014 but the release date was still unknown.
It was reported by the daily Mail that the movie executives reached out to Cody Walker, they found that Cody has same hair color and similar features to his late brother Paul Walker, so the question is if Cody would finish the movie in his brother’s stead.
A very close source to the production team revealed to the Daily Mail that producers have met several times in order to find a way of finishing the last part of Fast and Furious 7 and they decided to find someone who look like Paul in order to finish the movie, and Cody is the most suitable person for this unexpected big problem.
So if Cody accepts the offer he will honor his brother’s memory, and will let fans and lovers of Paul Walker see their star for the last time through the latest unfinished movie for him.
So what you thing, will Cody accept the offer or not?

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