Pretty Little Liars, A Revealed in Ravenswood

In summer finale of Pretty Little Liars Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily go in a trip to Ravenswood  and that because of magic show, then Mrs. Grunwald tells them that Alison did not die and still alive and there are at least one person behind Red Coat.
In a secret The Gray’s Anatomy actor heads to “Pretty little Liars”. In the new episode there will be Magic trick, and that happen when the girls receive a package which saw in a coffin and there were some words were written on it “Watch me make a girl disappear, kisses A” there is magic in this message, and the girls know that there is a magic show in Ravenswood and while they are in the show, a clown, who like mime, choose Aria to share in the magic trick and he makes her disappear in the box.
Emily misses when they are watching the magic show, after a while they discover that Emily is kidnapped , finally they find her in a locked wooden coffin and they rescue her in the time because she is slicked by a sawing machine.
Red Coat chases Aria and Aria takes off the mask it is Cece under the mask and she tries to escape from Aria by using a rope and then she falls on the ground.
When the girls leave A’s lair, they go to Mrs. Grunwald who mention that Alison is not dead and she still alive, and she hints to the night when Alison was killed. Mrs. Grunwald pulled Alison  from the grave and took her to the hospital, but she lost her while she was trying to help her, and she did not see her after that night.
In the end a shape is dressed in black and walks to A’s lair then it revealed Ezra.
Of course the new episode will be good as all the last episodes and it will take a lot of fans.

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