Floyd Mayweather Jr. Biography

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (born on February 24, 1977) is an American professional boxer. Mayweather has won on the World Championship seven times in five different weights. He has got Award of "Best Boxer of the Year" in 1998 and 2007.he also Unbeaten in any still in his professional career.

Currently, Mayweather the holder of the title of the World Boxing Association (WBC) to pre-welterweight. And he is regarded as the best boxer in the world relative to most sports news and boxing websites.
His early life:
Boxing was part in Mayweather life since birth. When his peers were playing ball games such as Base and feet, he was shot and practiced boxing strikes and did not take into account any other sport. Mayweather Said " I think that my grandmother is the first of saw my potential. When I was young I told her that I need to job and she said “no. you need to continue boxing.”

"When I was eight years old, I lived in New Jersey with my mother and seven brothers in one room. Sometimes we did not get even electricity." “When people see what I have now, they do not have the slightest idea about growing up and the lack of what I have during my upbringing.”

Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids in a family full of boxers. His father fluoride Mayweather father was defying the world championship and faced the legendary boxer Ray Leonard and Maximilian Jeff Mayweather and Rodger Mayweather the boxers were professionals. His uncle, Roger is one of the duties currently training his nephew.
It was not uncommon on the small Floyd come back from school to find the remains of drugs used needles in the yard of their house. If this is not enough, Floyd’s mother was addicted to drugs and his aunt died after being infected with AIDS due to drug abuse. "People do not know about which hell I live” said Mayweather for the beginning of his life.
Since he was a small boy , the only time he was spent with his father in the club boxing coached and polished his skills, he said Mayweather about this "There was not any time we practice the activities of the father with his son, Go for the garden , watching movies or even buy ice cream. Along this time I think he likes my sister more than me as he beat me a lot and never beat her. "
Floyd Mayweather The father said that his son distorts the truth about the beginning of their relationship.

Amateur and Olympic career:

Mayweather Finished an amateur march score of 84 wins against 6 defeats and won the Golden Gloves in the following weights

    Weight of 48 kg in 1993
    Weight 51.7 in 1994
    Weight 56.9 in 1996

Mayweather  called (Pretty Boy) by the amateur team - mates , and the reason for this title because he was out of the games generally clean , few signs and the credit for this goes to his defensive abilities which he received  from his father and his uncle Roger . Mayweather is well Known the wonderful use of the technique shoulder roll this movement where old boxer puts his right hand high to protect his face, and puts the left forearm on his torso and covers jaw the forearm left ( to protect the jaw is considered one of the most important skills in boxing ) . In 1996 won Mayweather a bronze medal when he arrived to League semi - finals in the featherweight (57 kg).
His Professional career:
Above Feather weight:
Mayweather fought his first professional bout in the eleventh of October 1996 against another boxer named Roberto Apodaca, Mayweather won in the second round knockout. The coach of Mayweather was at that time his uncle Roger, because his father was still behind bars after being convicted of illegal exchange of drugs in the year 1993. Father Mayweather returned his duties as a coach of his son after he was released from prison after the Floyd fourteenth bouts which won by knockout in the second round on Sam Kirard. In the period from 1996 until 1998 defeated Mayweather in all bouts mostly suspended (i.e. knockout or TKO). Since the beginning of his professional career Mayweather received a lot of praise by boxing fans in the earth as a whole and focused by the media because of being a prospective star.

Through in his bout with Tony Duran, his channel ESPN commentators said about him that it is the few who have great talent, and predicted he would win world titles will be the best boxer in history.

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