Dave Brockie Leader of Gwar dead at 50

The manager of Gwar lead singer announced yesterday that he died at the age of 50.

Dave Brockie was found dead at his home by his band mate in Richmond , Virginia, as the manager of Gwar Jack Flanagan declared in a statement on the band website.

Flanagan added that they will make autopsy to determine the reason of his death.

He performed as Gwar’s frontman under the persona of Oderus Urungus , and the band of Brockie was formed in 1984, it is heavy metal band and billing itself as Earth’s sole openly extra-terrestrial band.

The band basing on methodology that talks about the ravaging of an elite group of chaos warriors the galaxy and then they banished to the seething mud ball known as Earth which is the most insignificant planet in the universe as they claim.

The manager of Gwar added some statements that his main focus now is to look after his band mates and his family .

And he promised his fans to support with more information regarding his death and he will release them as the details are confirmed.

Gwar manager confirmed that the reports about Brockie death will be released by official website of the band at 4 am with official statement supposed to follow later in March 24, 2014.

And Mike Bishop who was former member of Gwar confirmed the news about the death of Brockie saying that he was one of the funniest , smartest , most creative and energetic persons he has known .

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