The United States moves closer to military action against Syria

The Syrian government hit the citizens by chemical weapons and they tried to hide this fact which made the United States moved closer to the military action against Syria.
From that day the White House started to search out to congressional leaders. The Boehner spokesman, Brendan Buck, said that before they make any thing it should be consultation with the members  of Congress and that to make the right decision.
The president of the United States, Obama, thought that it should be punishment to those who shared in this crime, the use of chemical weapon.
John Kerry said that the killing of women and children and innocent people in the chemical weapon is a moral crime, he added that he saw the “gut wrenching” videos which show the innocent victims of this violent attack. And he said that as a father he cannot image a man holds his dead son and all the dead people around him.
In Monday number of United Nations inspection team go ahead to rebel held territory to make search for any signs of using the chemical weapon and one of the car was attacked by snipers.
Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, said that they had not decided the military action yet but the Pentagon presented the many of military options and they included a no-fly area for training, but the most military option which they may use is to strike Syria. They could use the ships to hit it.
The United States navy is positioned in the eastern Mediterranean and that of course according to the Defense Department Official.
They could use warplanes and weapons with warheads and that may be fired hundreds of miles away. The firing missiles may avoid exposing pilots to Syria’s air defense system.
The White House is worried to make bigger war in Syria, this attack will prevent the Syrians from using the chemical weapon because of the damage which will happen after the attack.
The leader of the service’s intelligence and surveillance operation, David Deptula, said that he does not know what Obama would choose from this options and he added that any choice will prevent the use of the chemical weapons and will not share in the civil war in Syria which it takes 2 years and caused to more than 100000 dead people.
The case which they discuss is not the civil war in Syria but the use of chemical weapon by Al Assad, David said.
David Cameron, the British minister, who cut his vacation after the attack, spoke with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, about the using of chemical weapon by Al Assad in Syria. Cameron said England will make a meeting to decide what will happen in Syria.
France and England encourage the military action in Syria after the using of the chemical weapon by Al Assad.    

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