Beckham Announced to Retire From Football

The football FA said on Thursday that David Beckham the former England captain will retire at the end of the current season.
The BBC quoted about Beckham who is Paris Saint-Germain player said in a statement, "I thank PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue in the stadiums, but I feel like it's now time to end my career in stadiums while I am competing on the highest level."
"I want to thank all my colleagues and bone coaches who are honored to work with them as I would like to thank all the fans who supported me and gave me the strength to succeed."
And Beckham fought 115 caps with England team which is a record, and has already win the Champions League and six titles in the English Premier League titles in the FA Cup with Manchester United.
Beckham also won titles in the Spanish league with Real Madrid and the U.S. NBA with the Los Angeles Galaxy and the French league with Paris Saint-Germain.

Cameron praises Beckham after the decision to retire
The British Prime Minister David Cameron Praised the football journey of the England captain for the former football player Paris Saint-Germain David Beckham, who on Thursday announced his retirement from the popular game competitions at the end of the current season.
A spokesman for British Prime Minister said that Beckham was an outstanding player throughout his career and that he "played a big role in the victory for London to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games."
The spokesman said, "The Prime Minister simply messages those ... Congratulations on this wonderful journey."
As David Bernstein, the president of the English Football Association said, "When we look to the game and his work for England, no one cannot accuse him of not nationality and not doing everything for his country. It's a big loss to the game."
The former England coach Steve McLaren said, "He was a great player  ... and won many games throughout his career and this thing had a positive impact on his team-mates."
 The former England captain Terry Butcher said "he was a wonderful ambassador for football not only in England but around the world."
The former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson said, "he was totally professional in everything he was doing  ... I did not hesitate at all in his inclusion in the team."
 The current England coach Roy Hodgson said "he spent a wonderful journey and I wish him every success in the future. Many will seek to take advantage of expertise that could keep him out of football."

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