Angelina Jolie dress on her wedding day with photos

Wedding the two Americans stars, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, form after a relationship lasted 9 years old, an event in itself. the news spread between pages of newspapers, magazines and websites, but few saw the wedding photos, especially the bride's dress, the magazine (People- Hello) on the exclusive has got photos of the wedding, published on Wednesday.
However, the topic is interesting in that Angelina dress was very simple, especially from the front, where the chest did adorns of any decorations or stones or whatever. The scarf was long and harmonious simplicity of the dress with bright white cloth made ​​of "satin".

What features this dress is that the back as scarf , bearing six photos of children Angelina and Brad, and was designed by Donatella Versace, who has tweeted on Twitter saying: "Congratulations to Angelina Jolie, you look wonderful in my design for your special day.
The children of the couple the first organizers of the  ceremony
So it seems that these young people were the first organizers for this special event, which was limited to 20 invited only close friends.

Each of child of the couple played a distinctive role in the ceremony, the eldest Son Maddox and the boy "Pax" led their mother to the altar of the church. As for the girls, "Zahara" and "Vivian" threw roses on the radiant bride, to provide "Shiloh" and "Canucks" wedding rings to the couple, even "Pax contributed in making the cake.
And finally confirmed the couple (Pitt 50-year-old, and the 39-year-old Julie) that the concert was really distinctive, where we were able to spend a fun and happy day with family and children.

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