New York Times site being restored after cyber attack

On Wednesday morning The Syrian Electronic Army hacked The New York Times website and after that The New York Times started to be restored for the readers.
Times spokeswoman, Eileen M. Murphy declared that the problem is resolved and everything is ok. A group of hackers, The SEA, who support and follow Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian president, declared the responsibility online.
On Tuesday The Times said that its website crashed at 3 p.m. and then an online attack followed that. The problems with the attack are not new and the site remained down throughout early on Wednesday, and Murphy said that there is not new outage in this morning.
She added that if there is still a problem accessing the site that because of their internet service provider is not restored the domain system.
In two weeks The Times failed twice, there was internal problem on 14 August.
The chief information officer for The New York Times, Marc Frons, declared that he did not blame the Syrian Electronic Army, and he told the staff to be very careful when they are sending any information only in this stage until they resolve the problem.
Twitter and Huffington also attacked from hackers. The media websites become complex and vulnerable because they gather software and content which is from partners.
The hackers of the websites gained access to the reseller’s account on Melbourne IT’s . Melbourne IT’s declared that it restored the affected DNS records to all the previous settings and takes all the approach to prevent any change to happen.

The New York Times is taking all the procedures to protect all the websites and the stuff of The New York Times makes all his best to control on this problem and to reduce the damage. 

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