Kanye West and Kimmel

Kanye West tells Kimmel that he feels very frustrated with the press and he likes a zoo animal. This is a very big lesson where Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel made peace. It is surprise to find yesterday night Kanye West appeared on Kimmel’s TV show after a Twitter war due to a sketch mocking the rapper.
 Kanye added in his speak that he has modesty and it is not an issue for him so he said that he is a creative genius and that’s ok because there is no other word to say it. He continued in speaking about himself and that he always utters words which he is not supposed to do but in the end he says things in the wrong ways a lot of times but his intention is positive.
Kanye is afraid, id he well misunderstood by others. Kimmel asked him a question that a lot of people think that Kanye is a jerk, Kimmel continued saying, it is impossible to be a jerk because he knows him.
So Kanye admired that he feels sometimes that he is not genius but he is totally honest and inappropriate and sometimes tries to lie but he can’t.
Kanye in this night forgives Kimmel for airing a spoof making fun of him. Kanye added that he has never done a publicity stunt in his life, though he doesn’t follow rules of as rest normal celebrity he doesn’t like do that.
He added that the paparazzi try always to talk to him and his family and that is disrespectful, because people as he claimed hear his music to have a good thing, so he should be respected as such he walks down the streets, Kanye said that they live in zoo and it is not safe for Kimmel to antagonize him or ask him a question about the tabloids.

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