Police found the body of a Spanish tests driver Maria de Villota, in hotel in Seville

A police spokeswoman said on Friday they found the Spanish tests driver Maria de Villota; she was lifeless body in one of hotels Seville in southern Spain.
The De Villota 33 years old lost one of her eyes during a sporting accident in the past year and stopped the practice of this sport after that.
Fernando Alonso Ferrari expressed his condolences for the death of the previous citizenship driver Maria de Villota, stressing that “he prays for her and for her family.”
Following the end of the second free practice for the Japanese Grand Prix, the fifteenth stage of the World Championship Formula 1 Grand Prix, which solution X. Alonso, the Spanish driver expressed deep regret over the death of de Villota (33 years old).
Alonso stressed who occupies the second order of the world with 195 points, 77 points behind leaders Germany's Sebastian Vettel Red Bull, upon getting out of the car, “I’ve just learned the news, I do not know what to say  ... I do not even know whether the news is uncertain ."
Alonso sent his condolences to the family of de Villota, the daughter of former Formula 1 driver Emilio de homes.
Alonso said "I pray for her and for her family and for the entire Formula 1 family. Everyone loves her. I do not know what to say.”
The Villota was found dead today in a hotel in the city of Seville in southern Spain , where she was scheduled to receive a lecture , according to what was said by police sources that preliminary information indicates that it natural death incident.
Sources from the emergency service mentioned that they received notification from the hotel.
And a judicial committee and members of the police went to the hotel to investigate the incident.
Maria de Villota was born on January 13 , 1980 and came in July last year in an accident when she was driver in team Marossia during experiments Championship British Grand Prix , led to the loss of vision in her right eye.

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