Actress Jennifer Lawrence notifies authorities after leaking nude photos of her on the Internet

Winning actress Oscar Jennifer Lawrence Asked the American authorities to investigate to find out who leaked naked pictures and publish them in the framework of a collective leaks of celebrity photos and publish them on the Internet. 
Photos of (24 years) actress began, which won an Oscar for her role in the film Silver Linings Playbook and her starring role in the film The Hunger Games show on Sunday. But the source of the leak is not known.
As it published on the Internet also dozens of pictures of other actresses and fashion models and athletics. But it Could not be sure of the credibility of many of them.
Liz Mahoney, a spokeswoman for Lawrence in an emailed statement Said, "this blatant violation of privacy. It has Been contacted authorities and will suing all try to publish stolen photos for Jennifer Lawrence.
A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that the device is "aware of allegations that infiltrated computers and publishing illegal material belonging to celebrities and he deals with it."
The supermodel Kate Upton among the celebrities who have published their photographs on the Internet. her lawyer Lawrence Shire said that this is a shameful violation of privacy.
He said in a statement: "We intend to prosecute anyone who publishes and copy those images that were obtained illegally."
The pictures were published in the 4-chan forum for the exchange of images. And the website transfers to the British newspaper the Mirror about the unknown Publisher for photos on the site saying that he or she  owns those images and not intruder .
He said the pictures made ​​the equivalent of $ 120 in the currency of Petkoan a digital currency. "I did not really closer than i hope it.

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