Tom Cruise on a mission to destroy cars in Morocco

"Tom Cruise" continue smashing luxury cars in Morocco to finish filming his latest movie Mission Impossible 5.

American actor "Tom Cruise" spent about a month in the entire state, "Morocco," in order to shoot many of the scenes of the upcoming film Mission Impossible 5 and most of its events, which rotates inside the Arab country.
Report of website masterherald pointed out that one of the scenes in the film focuses on the exciting hunt where "Tom Cruise" smashes many of the luxury cars, and already a number of websites published different photographs of the remains of the cars used in the filming, which turned into scrap without a doubt, such as new BMW.
" Cruise " spent in Morocco for a full month with "Jeremy Renner" and "Simon Beige" to complete the filming, which focused on the cities "Marrakech" and "Casablanca", the film has caused to close the road between the "Agadir" and "Marrakech" for 20 days, while the Moroccan government closed popularly alive in Casablanca for 10 days and until the end of the filiming process.
Noteworthy that the film Mission Impossible 5 is supposed display around the world in December 2015.

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