The Yankees will regret the Jacoby Ellsbury deal for four reasons

The New York Yankees has signed with Jacoby Ellsbury a contract for seven years that’s in excess of $150 million, after the later ended his stint with the Boston Red Sox.
Reactions about the deal of Red Sox and Yankees fans are mixed , they felt the signing was the second coming deal of Johnny Damon, so the Yankees grabbled another likeable center fielder from Red Sox, so they hurting their biggest rival in doing so.
So it is silly because Red Sox will never pay what Ellsbury wants, though he is 30 years old and has suffered from injury-prone. So let’s count all the reasons about the regret of the Yankees about this deal.
The first reason is that the Yankees already have Gardner. So the Yankees have already a center fielder and he is 30 years old. But in comparing the two players we find that Ellsbury is better than Gardner but the contract for seven year is a lot.
The second reason is that Ellsbury is well known for his speed and this feature typically declines in humans when they reach at the age of 30 years old. So it is sure that Ellsbury is very fast but until what year he will maintain on his performance and speed may be as maximum time when he reaches at the age 35 and as we said before he will stay until he becomes 37 years old.
Ellsbury will receive $20 million per year until he’s 37, so what they can wait from him more than one year or two as maximum period of time.
The fourth and last reason is that the Yankees have not learned from the mistakes of other teams like the Angles when they two years ago signed a big deal with Albert Pujols who was thirty.

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