Red Sox broadcaster blasts son charged with murder

On Saturday Jerry Remy said that he was upset from allegations that his son stabled his girlfriend just after one day from his release for allegedly assaulting her.
Jerry Remy and his wife declared that they are very sad about the death of Jennifer Martel who was killed by their son on Thursday night. He added that he fells disgust and remorse about this bad act and he cannot believe what happened it is like nightmare and his cannot understand anything.
In the court Jared Remy said that he is not guilty in killing Jennifer Martel, who is 27 years old, but the prosecutors in the court described the brutal attack by Jared Remy who attacked Jennifer Martel in the kitchen then in the living room and to the stairs the he fell down her on the ground and stabbed her many times and one of the neighbor who wanted to help her was hit by Jared Remy. And there was a child, Martel, who is 4 year old. He was in the flat and he did not hurt but he is now in the custody of child welfare officials. of course when Jared Remy arrested his clothes was full of blood.
Jared Remy has criminal history, he has 15 criminal charges and that according to Waltham court records. He assaulted five people and four women.
There was no bail for him and his lawyer said that his client was in defense position because he had defensive wounds, and he added that he wants to clear the reality and what happened indeed.
Jerry Remy is a former Red Sox who was fired in 2008, he has many health problems in the last years. He will be off the air in the next week.
Jerry expressed about the great grief that he has, and the great pain which his wife fells about Jennifer Martel and her family, and he added that his thoughts and prayers with Jennifer’s family.

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