“Out of the Woods” for Taylor Swift

First , she released “Shake It Off” and now the second song of Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods”  of upcoming album “1989”.

The ‘80s-inspired , synthesizer –heavy track alreadyNo.1 as Swift excitedly instagrammed . it was released Tuesday morning on iTunes.
Swift through “Out of the Woods “ offers a more personal side of her , as she singing and trying to make a struggling relationship work.
Out of the Woods offers lyrically snapshots of a working relationship; which what Swift’s talking about will certainly be a major discussion point amongst fans .
And the song deals with another discussion which is the relationship between the couple when they landed in the hospital .
Swift inspired the lyric by a snowmobile ride that got of control as she told Rolling Stone, saying that he saw her life flash before her eyes , and that they had to go to the ER through neither had major injuries .

Swift said that she intended to release the song before her last album on October. 27 but she didn’t saying that she thinks that this song is the greatest example of the sound of this album.
The 24 years old singer co-wrote the track with guitarist Jack Antonoff from fun. And boyfriend of Lena Dunham. It is note that Swift has a close friendship with Dunham as she also confirmed through her interview with Rolling Stone.
Swift said to Good Morning America that her last song sounds exactly like that frantic feeling of questioning and anxiety.
Here's the song with the lyrics below:

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