Justin Bieber reviewing his new mustache (photos)

Controversial Canadian singer "Justin Bieber" reviews the new mustache on his own account on the "Twitter".
In one of his many attempts which do not stop to attract attention to him, Canadian singer "Justin Bieber" (20 years) published a picture of him on his own account on the "Twitter" showing his mustache, he has been attached the image with a tweet in which he joking with his fans and lovers saying:” do not worry I will shave it, be calm.”
According to the report of "Daily Mail" that
beside  of this funny photo , "Bieber" showed the social aspect of his personality through another set of images that have been captured during his preparing a meal for his friends in the kitchen of his home and documented by a video published on his own account "Instagram." Where it appears "Bieber" in the video, where he was cutting vegetables on a cutting board, commenting on what he is doing his voice, in the form of strap mimics cooking chefs programs, saying "cut into several segments," and during cooking, said, "As you see, I cook organic chicken breasts "  

It also appears from the video and the presence of group of friends, "Bieber," who was preparing for them food, including a girl with long black hair, which according to the report is likely to be a singer States "Selena Gomez" his ex-girlfriend, as seen recently, accompanied by "Bieber" on many occasions, which confirms their returning to each other again after a two-year separation. It also comes after a video spread of much news that announces "Bieber" call for "Gomez" to stay with him, which was confirmed by a recent site HollywoodLife.com in a report last Thursday. 

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