Katy Perry not ready for Children

In order to maintain on her svelte waist-line , she worked hard to do.
She flaunted for Marie Claire’s January cover by her toned midriff in a bra-top and lavender pencil skirt.
Pop star Katy Perry declared that she is not ready for children , she admitted that in the issue on newsstands December 17.

The 29 years old star told the women mag that she is definitely not there yet, and she can’t plan that far in advance. So when she decides to have a family. She will just want to be Mom for a little bit.
This new subject about the personal life of Katy Perry turned to be one of the Roar hit maker’s  breaking points with the ex-husband of Katy Russell Brand.

Katy revealed that he really wanted her to have children , but she knew she was not ready for that.
She added that when she had a kid , then she would have to sacrifice and she knew well that she was not ready . she likes to be a Mom and have a kid but she was not ready yet for it. She described that it was not like : if any couple were in love then they should have children.

Brand ended their marriage after 14 months by a text message on New Year’s Eve 2011.
Katy Perry was proceeded on a suicidal but the Grace of God , she was saved and then Katy took comfort in booze and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Katy Perry admitted about her status after the her divorce and hard times for her  saying that there were two hard weeks in her life when she knew the truth of her marriage and she described herself as she was just eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and drinking , and that’s it.

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