Does "Victoria's Secret" lose the battle of her pink brand ?

The future of the brand "PINK" of the company "Victoria's Secret" does not seem very rosy.
It is possible to deny the company's well-known women's underwear from the brand, which indicates the color pink in English, after a British judge issued an order violating the use of the brand, which is famous for its t-shirts under the name "Thomas Pink".
The company raised Thomas Pink, which is named after its founder, British tailor which operate manufactures T-shirts since 1984, sued on the company for use of the Victoria's Secret brand, after the advent of the company to Britain in 2012 and its attempt to use the name to attract the attention of girls in the goods.
But experts from the two British and American noted that Victoria's Secret will stick to her brand PINK, at a time in which he referred others to the lawsuit could end the agreement between the parties, on how to use the brand, as they added that any decision by any of the two countries, not required to be applied in the other, due to the different commercial laws.

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