Three American hijacker was a "demon rape" and artful

Three American hijacker was a "demon rape" and artful
Court keeps on Castro held exonerate his brother from the tragedy of the "house of horrors" American

The world Roulette Turned to the three American kidnapper in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, who was raped them in stages down his home for 10 years in captivity compulsive disorder and detention, so he became the detainee captive, and his abducted victims became free and released in the houses of their families since finding them alive last Monday in the "terror House "as they calls it, and above of that Prosecutor accused him of 4 kidnapping charges Wednesday, and with 3 charges of rape.  
At Thursday Ariel Castro, a former bus school transport driver earlier, attended in front of  the District Court in the city, and heard from her issue to a decision to keep him in custody, or released pending trial on impossible bail for him secured even in dreams, its value of $ 8 million, two million for each girl, because he was held in addition to the three kidnapped, a fourth one in captivity was also compulsive with them, a girl named Jocelyn, and she saw the light in 2007 for the Christmas Eve at home, a daughter of one of the victims of rape.

The girl remained did not know anything about the world, but when they dropped her out of the
house with her mother, Amanda Perry with critical help from a black neighbor who runs cleaner for dishes and accessories in the kitchen of the branch network of restaurants, "McDonald's" in the city, and the world Roulette turned him also to what has become " Cleveland hero "snatching of a propaganda lights and a star in the near future, as understood by American media management "MacDonald" affected by repeating her name while he claimed tells reporters what happened last Monday.
Roy Charles Ramsey that he was at home having "sandwich" form "McDonald's" at lunch time, when he heard the screams of Amanda Berry from the house of his neighbor Ariel Castro , she was crying, so he hurried and removed it from there with her daughter, and more than 50 million Americans have heard of it through televisions words "McDonald's sandwich" over and over again, and quickly the curators of the network and ads shined the idea of promoting their food fast, began contracted with him on what would make him a commercial star.

A girl to the kidnapper from one of his raped victims
Yesterday, in Cleveland, the attorney general of the city, Victor Perez, said in a press conference through the American media said that the charges did not include Castro brothers, O'Neill and Pedro, who are  50 and 54 years of age, they went  innocent with a decision listened to them from the court day after confirmation of non-involvement, including their brother who will remain a prisoner behind solitary confinement  bars throughout his trial, which they assert that the meetings will not end only just by convicting him to life imprisonment, especially as he was
passed in the first session to achieve what he did.
What do Ariel Castro-old 52 years old,, he began abducting Michelle Knight of the street next to the house of a relative on August 23, 2002, when she was 21 years old, and was followed a year later kidnapped Amanda Perry The day before her seventeenth birthday on April 21 when she left work at a restaurant "Burger King" fast food, which is far about 700 meters from her home in Cleveland.
After the April 2 , 2004 he kidnapped Gina de Jesus on her return home from school, and was 14
years old, all of whom went out healthy of the house in the day which the police patrols arrived
at after a tragic conversation telephone conducted by the hijacked Amanda Perry from the house of a neighbor, so the police allocated tens of periodicals to search for Castro, that found him having lunch in a restaurant "McDonald" itself, led him handcuffed handcuffs which stunned not aware of the reason, until they faced as they discovered, he confessed quickly.
They went naked creeping on hands 
Also yesterday, police chief of Cleveland, Michael Makgarz, said that the FBI officers searched the house, in which the abducted lived in and found on it the ropes and chains were used to
restrict his victims within a separate room down the house, which is not found it in the yard back up Now on any human remains, a house bought by Castro in 1992 of $ 12 thousand dollars, and it seems cheap because it is wooden and old, with the area of 130 square meters, and 5 rooms, two on the top floor, with another bottom to make it 3 bedrooms and one bathroom.
In The basement kidnapped was staying isolated inside the rooms they constrained with chains and ropes without knowing some of them personally, so that one was knowing she was not alone in it to sense the presence of others, except when he allowed them out visits to the backyard at night naked in full, and ordered them to crawl on knees and hands, so that no one is betting.
He also took out each one of them individually to the parking garage at home on one occasion a disguised, and quickly returned her to where they no longer see anything that overseas at all, 
and engulfed with silence from then so he did not utter even a word about any one of the others, and went as "Demon rape "practicing with them all without interruption for 10 years.
the investigation file also appointed that his rape daughter, Jocelyn, was born in the bathtub small rubber, the kind that is inflated, and that some abductees have been subjected to abortion, one of them Michel Knight that uploaded from him 5 times, so he aborted her by hitting to her stomach strongly, threatening her that he will kill her if she did not abort her baby in every time. And he participated in the search for the campaign one of the victims.
As also it stated in the Ariel Castro file, whose wife Grimalda Figueroa died last year aged 48 years old, and the mother of him to a son and two daughters, one of them prisoner for twenty years to her feet on the murder, that the hijacked Michelle Knight helped Amanda Berry on the situation when came to her labor with her child Jocelyn, and he threatened her with a strain in helping. He said: "If failed in your mission and the embryo died I will kill you", but her mission was successful, and the girl lived who Castro asked her mother to give lessons as an alternative to sending her to school, so she did and began waiting for any opportunity to ask for help.
A new thing is declared today it is a suicide by Ariel Castro already been found in the house, was annexed to the more than 200 evidence against him collected FBI Men from his house, and indicate his intention to kill himself in the day, so his house and what he had of money in the bank to be an inheritance for his daughter and the three victims equally.
They also discovered that he was a shrewd exercise brainwashing and resourceful with his victims, so he leaves the room door  of one of them open and telling her that out and will return after an hour or more, then hiding in the hand of the house to see if she will come out of its stronghold, and if she did , he would feed her  colors of beating, kicking and food deprivation as she Does not see only in nightmares, according to the Root of one of them  to men of the investigation, so she does not repeat her attempting  to escape, even though he really came out of the house, except when he came out of it last Monday actually his daughter Jocelyn, saw him and told her mother Amanda Perry, so it was the great effect.
The strangest thing about Ariel Castro is what he did in 2007, when the neighbors  of one of his
victims where she was staying, Gina de Jesus, a known as the girlfriend his daughter when he in
2004 kidnaped her, they has prepared a campaign to remind its absence and asked  the police more to search for her, so the people  started to ignite night candles and pray, and some of them started to play mournful music, and between the instrumentalists and distributors of images and information her campaign was The organ player Ariel Castro who also participated.

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