Ronaldo responded to Blatter "Salute"

Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo responded yesterday on ridicule of President of the Federation International Football Association Joseph Blatter after the third goal from a penalty kick for his team front of Seville, where he performed the "Salute".

Blatter had sparked controversy with a set of statements about Ronaldo, including running in the field as if he was walking to "military way" while pointed out that Lionel Messi Barcelona player plays as if aesthetic "was dancing."
Cristiano "sarcastic" celebration method comes as a silent response to Blatter's comments, who apologized yesterday for Real Madrid and the European Union and Ronaldo on the matter, stressing that he had never meant what he said insult "Madeira missile" …
Earlier  Joseph Blatter, president of the International Federation of Football expressed  his particularly impressment  by the potential of stellar round charming Lionel Messi Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid player, adding that he preferred the Catalans star in some aspects in general.
The President of FIFA for the two stars during his stay in a lecture at the University of Oxford Union English before the announcement of the final list of candidates for the Golden Globes and the best coach in the world, saying: Messi and Ronaldo, two players from another world, no doubt about it, but the advantage in a manner totally different in the way of playing, and also in the style of their lives outside the green grass.
He added, saying, "Argentine magician advantage of calm on the pitch, and his performance is characterized as smooth, as well as quiet demeanor off the field, which earned him wildly popular, and put him in the top of the nominations the past years."
Blatter pointed out that any family hopes to have a player like Messi their son because it is perfect in everything, as described.

Turning President of the Union to talk about Cristiano where he imitated him in sarcastic way and talked about his way inside the stadium, saying: Ronaldo is a great player, strong and has the potential unmatched by one in which, and the advantage of charismatic leadership does not subside inside the stadium, as if he gives life to a charming round. 
He joked: I think there is a player spends a lot on fashion and hair styles, in general, we will know better between them in the FIFA ceremony on Jan. 13, but in general I prefer Messi.

It is noteworthy that FIFA has announced the name of 23 candidates for the Golden Ball award, including Messi and Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Neymar and other stars.

Here the video which Blatter mocks about Cristiano:

And here video about Ronaldo salute celebration mocking Blatter:

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