Gareth Bale showcases his skills in front of 25 thousand spectators in his first appearance in Santiago Bernabeu

Welshman Gareth Bale becomes a new player in the ranks of Real Madrid on Monday at a press conference at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium stronghold club.
The conference presentation was in the presence of club president Florentino Perez and 25 thousand fans did not stop the whole time cheering his name.
Bale arrived in the early hours of the morning to Madrid from London after it was officially announced yesterday that Tottenham Hotspur wing joined to Real Madrid, for six seasons to come compared to 85.3 million pounds (100 million euros).
And the Welshman Gareth Bale star of the new Real Madrid put the Coronation Champions League title for the tenth time in the history of the club this season on top of his priorities and that in today's conference presented a new player in the ranks of the "Mirengji".
Bale said in presenting the "dream come true, I hope to help the team to achieve success and to crown in this season tenth Champions League title."
And The Welsh player tried to speak Spanish, saying, "Presence in Madrid dream, thank you for this wonderful reception, long live the Real."
For his part, the President of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, described Gareth Bale during the submission of a new player in the team as "extraordinary".
Florentino said "We are facing an exceptional player, he was the best in the Premier League last season, and now I can say that the Welsh child's dream come true."
Peres said, "We are now in the heartland of the club to bring a man realizes that playing at Real Madrid, requires commitment and sacrifice, talent and love of football."
It is noteworthy that Bale said in his first comments after the move to Real Madrid, he achieved his life's dream to join the ranks of the "Mirengji".
The President of the Royal "Bale is a young player and his life is football and the beginning of now he is with us, the negotiations were difficult, but I would like to thank for Tottenham for their cooperation."
Florentino pointed out that the player's insistence on moving to the Royal Club played a "pivotal role" in the completion of the deal.
The president of the riyal considered that Bale transition is "a continuation of the Santiago Bernabeu model in bringing the world's best players," it is considered that this is what made Real Madrid, "the club of the twentieth century."
Florentino added “We have dozens of challenges and you will help us in our quest to become the best and to continue the legend of the club  ... today this is your bench and your shirt and your audience and your logo, welcome at Real Madrid."
Following the submission of the player who was in the cabin honorary the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the presence of relatives of Bale and management of the real, went to the dressing room to switch the black uniform was worn clothes in Real.

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