Halloween 2013

Halloween or Saints' Day is a celebration held on the night of October 31 of each year. This day considered an annual holiday, particularly in the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland and other parts of the world.
History of Halloween:

Its roots come back to Ireland and it spread to the Celtic festival of Samhain. And the date of the seashell Halloween comes with a remote Christians celebrate All Saints' Day. And this day is considered a global day to celebrate closing official circles in Western countries and other doors to celebrate. Activities include accompaniment for Halloween Tricks, and wear strange clothes and masks, and told stories about ghost tours at night. Exposure televisions, cinemas some horror movies.
Halloween in U.S.A.:

Halloween in the United States is celebrated by Americans of different cultures and religions, and the public which decorate the houses, streets with pumpkins and satirical horror games.
And everyone masquerading from senior and junior so that evil spirits do not know where legend says that all lives come back on this night of the isthmus to the ground prevails and ripples until the next morning. And children moving from one house to another and carrying bags and baskets full of chocolate and candy in the weather is known as a trick or candy, and who does not give boys disguised chocolates and candy caramel “the evil spirits riled him." 
And Hollywood did not be late for this it has produced dozens of films about Halloween, including horror movies, black comedy in addition to cartoons for children. As active factories games and sweets shops where appropriate verification Halloween commercial activity and an increase in production.

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