Does the White House expel Bieber outside America?

Questions about the possibility of expelling the young Canadian singer Justin Bieber have increased, outside America, having surpassed a petition on the Internet 100 thousand signatures, which requires a response from the White House on this subject.

And that petition demanded, which was published online, "the desire of the people of America to see the young man of danger and reckless and destructive and addict of drugs, named Justin Bieber, outside America, and pulling his green card, as he does not pose a threat to our security, but also constitutes a bad example for the youth of our nation, we want to snap up Bieber of our society."

The police announced that the city of Miami Beach, in the separate context on Thursday that tests conducted for urinary Bieber appeared positive for abuse Xanax and marijuana.

Police indicated that the results of the singer Paul revealed the presence of substances known as "benzodiazepine", particularly Xanax and marijuana, at which time the police did not add any other details of those results.

These tests come after the arrest of Bieber by police forces in the city of Miami last week during his drive Lamborghini, which he accused the leadership under the influence of alcohol, without valid driver's license, in addition to resisting arrest, as he was screaming opponent to stop the police component to him, according to the officers who supervised on the process of his arrest.

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