Rape of a girl in the Keith Urban concert in front of the public eyes

It seems that the arrest of 50 people and provide first aid to 46 others in addition to the transfer of 22 to the hospital, it was not the proceeds of concert singer "Alcantara" Keith Urban only, after the addition of a rape a teenage girl to the list.

And Keith Urban concert came out, which was held Saturday, July 26th in the state of Massachusetts for control, because of his drunken audience, prompting police to arrest 50 people and sent them charges related wastefully in drink wine, as the use of ambulances from five Medical Centers scattered to provide treatment to the injured .  

Police revealed in a statement reported cases of rape in concert amid the glare of many onlookers at the ceremony, which was held the status of "Xfinity", has been charged with the young Sean Murphy's 18 years of involvement in the matter according to "CNN".

Police confirmed they it had checked mobile phones used by the public to take pictures and videos of the incident, in order to be used in court against Murphy.

The eyewitness told "FOX 25": "My friend told me to look there we saw dual carrying out a full sexual relationship, we captured many pictures of the two and we thought that it could happen by mutual consent."

According to a number of press reports, everyone thought that the incident occurred even consensual Murphy fled and left the girl naked and alone, only then realized that what happened was rape.

As police based in accusing Murphy admitted that being drunk and told his parents, "I've failed."

It is worth mentioning that Murphy denied the charge against him in court and was released on bail of 10 thousand dollars, after the lawyer claimed that the incident occurred is not considered consensual rape.

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