"Most exciting" Stars and supermodels 2014

Men's Health American magazine launched list for more exciting and attractive women in 2014, which included many of the brightest Hollywood Stars this year, either through their beauty or on a professional level.

FilFan.com monitors to its readers the Top 20 list star among them, who won the first place.

Shakira (first place): French site «Nanctop People» said  that Shakira 37-year-old mother of the child «Milan» of her companion ball player the Spanish Pique may relate to their attention and filled forms various websites and magazines in the clip, which his image with singer Rihanna at the beginning of this General entitled Can't Remember to Forget You, and also after their remarkable performance, which roused the audience at the closing ceremony of the World Cup along with a recent reputation as a woman thin heart to help people by Shakira Charity Foundation, concerned with helping the poor.

Sofia Vergara (4 place ): The star Sophia with highest wage in the American TV drama, and this is due to the charming accent: Latin blended in English, and because of the curves of her body, and her funny comedy series Modern Family.

Amber Heard (57 place): she is bi-sex, and loves fire, it is also betrothed to the handsome star Johnny Depp, and do not mind presenting scenes of nudity and sex in the movies!

Selena Gomez (26 place ): Unlike the Young star singing Latin in fifth place in the list of more names in search for them on the search engine Yahoo, and regardless of their relationship with Justin Bieber and processed from addiction, "Gomez" is not shy about highlighting the charms either a dressed Top of shorts or tight, to prove all of this in a practical way that she is no longer "Disney" star.

Scarlett Johansson (20 place): Scarlett enjoys hot attractive were the main reason for inclusion in many of the lists of most women, exciting, and has stirred up controversy in 2014 than they appear naked in full for the first time in the sci-fi film Under The Skin and heroism of the film movement Lucy.

Miranda Kerr (27 place ): The supermodel young star is one of the most favorites for the fan page magazine Men's Health on Facebook, such This may be due to the possession of a flat belly and body harmonic.

Mila Kunis (9 place): lovers pornographic films agreed in a referendum on their desire to see Mila Kunis naked in a film.

Margot Robbie (15 place): If you remembered the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, it should jump to mind the name of the heroine that did not shy from appearing naked in events for technical reasons of course!

Lupita Naoonju (33 place): the Kenyan young actress succeeded to draw attention to her talent acting in her first film 12 Years a Slave, which she won through it the Oscar in 2014. Also Lupita has cleverly beauty and elegance unmatched them, what makes the viewer yearn for more of surprises on the silver screen.

Kerry Washington (2 place): black actress proved that wearing a tight gray pants in the hottest series Scandal equivalent to wearing underwear.

Katy Perry (22 place ): The young singing star will remain Sparkling with her  hot curves, sexy clothes to wear them like a bra-shaped candy "Cap Kix!"

Kate Middleton (76 place): we must include the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of the son of Britain's Prince William in the list according to her elegance and charming, to be chosen from a few months by the fashion critics as one of the most prominent models of elegance.

Jennifer Lawrence (25 place): the Oscar-winning actress characterized innocently features and its refusal to fully change any inch of her body in order to gain a role in the film, and this is fortunate because she looks great on this case!

Hayden Pentear (69 place): sci-fi series Heroes in Nashville star proved ability to control the reins, as well as possessing a strong voice for the ropes.

Emma Watson (64th) the former star of the film series, "Harry Potter" ranked 53 in the list of more figures follow on Twitter, as she showed in the development of acting tools through the film The Bling Ring.

Emma Roberts (90 place ): actress and singer and fashion model young (23 years)owns a charming smile like her aunt actress Julia Roberts, Amy Roberts celebrated her engagement  recently of her colleague in the series American Horror Story Evan Peters.

Emilia Clarke (7 place): series Game of Thrones  star with wonderful black-haired beauty.
Beyonce (10 place ): Just watch Beyonce song Drunk in Love and you will know why she was included in the list.

Amy Adams (42 place): If you still have in mind that Amy Adams is only a girl with features of the innocent in the movie Enchanted, you are certainly mistaken; Amy Adams was able in a short period to become one of the Stars of the first row in Hollywood because of the evolution of performance and daring Oscar in the movie American Hustle  for Jennifer Lawrence kissing.

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