Randy Travis Makes Brain Surgery

Randy Travis made brain surgery on Thursday in Texas hospital and all his fans and country music stars joined together to make prayers for him. On Wednesday night Randy Travis stayed in critical conditions to relieve pressure on his brain.
Publicist Kirt Webster said about Randy: the great singer who took Germany award was improving when he was treating for heart failure. Travis’ widow Nancy Jones visited Travis on Thursday.
 Many stars like Martina McBride, Hillary Scott and the Grand Ole Opry express their worried in Twitter and they joined Webester for prayers for Travis. There are also hundreds of posters for Randy Travis. The doctors said that Travis showed many signs of improvement since Sunday when the treatment starts.
Doctors said in a video statement on Wednesday that his heart had problem from infection because of virus, but there is no information about that yet. Infection may be both viral and bacterial, it may start in the body and can affect the heart because immune cells enter the heart and cause inflammation.
 Many viruses like the flu lead to this myocarditis and may cause many diseases . Heart problems can lead to a stroke and cause many complications, it is not clear what the kind of stroke that Travis suffered. Doctors William Gray and Michael Mack who are the doctors in Texas described Travis’ conditions in a video on Wednesday.
After hours he was in the operating room and Webster said there is no information yet. Travis was in a good health until three weeks before, Travis’ illness came when he was trying to put his life back together . Travis felt guilty to drive while intoxicated and he arrested last year and he required  spending 30 days at an alcohol treatment facility.
In the end we wish happy life for our singer and we wish the good health for him .

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