Discovery an unknown sea creature length of 5 meters in California

A marine biologist scientist Achieved a discover when she discovered Silver 5 meters long creature nautical cadaver believed to be the origin myths about giant Sea snakes.
It was a marine biologist at the Institute of Marine Biology on the island of Catalina, Jasmine Santana, mired near the beach with her colleagues at Toyon Bay in southern California, when she saw something shining in the waters of the sea.
And grabbed with tail of the monster, ell-like, and pulled for more than 20 meters, and others rushed, totaling 16 people, to the sea to help her dragging the mysterious creature.
After a quick look at it, Santana discovered that the creature is a big fish, also known as the "king of herring", which reach a length in some cases to 17 meters.
A group of members of the U.S. Navy had found the fish "king of herring" in 1996 near the shore of San Diego in California, and reached a length of 7 meters.
Santana hit surprised to see the animal's eye that is larger as the size of half a U.S. dollar which is beset by metal.
It is noteworthy that this marine creature living in the deep waters of the seas, and in the depths approaching kilometer, so the vision is almost rare, as it has not been studied in depth.
Samples were taken from the tissues of the creature, which is believed to have died of natural causes, and video filmed before being buried until decompose, and then retain its skeletal structure.
Santana said that "the fish was dead," has grabbed its tail drawn to the beach, adding, "I felt a little scared, but after she learned that she paddle fish, she realized that it would not be harmful." 

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