David ‘Kidd’ Kraddick dies suddenly at 53

David the most known person in radio and TV host of the show “Kidd Kraddick in the morning” has died on last Saturday at a charity golf event. The cause of his death is not published yet.  He is 53.
Biro, one of the public relations firm champion management said that David died when he was doing what he loved to do, Biro said that when he was talking to AP on Sunday by the phone, he added that he did not know anything about the reason of his death. His program on radio is transit on American Forces Radio Network and the show’s cast is seen in weeknights on the TV show “Dish Nation”, Biro said. All the group of the show felt so sad because they lost one of their friends and their leader in the show, the net statement said that. He gives up his life to make people laugh every day and every morning, he was in all the houses and with all the children through his show in the radio. He died in the place where he loved and he was doing the most thing he loved and with the children who present everything for him.
The Dallas Morning News said that he was with the Dallas market since 1984, it added that he moved to morning show since 1990 and the show began to be more famous and wider. Then in 2001 the show entered into syndication .
The reason of his death will be published in the right time, the network statement said. All his fans, celebrities and his friends talked about his death and they talked about him and how he was good friend and amazing man and how they shocked in his death and they missed him very much. His birthday is on 22 August, but he died before his birthday.

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