What did Jennifer Lawrence comment on leaking nude photos of her?

The star Jennifer Lawrence Came out with her first reaction after her scandalous leaked pictures, as well as more than 100 actresses and singers, which some of them are nude photos.
Jennifer Lawrence tweeted on "Twitter," "It is annoying to have already ... to snatch your life by the others."

The actress's agent announced the launch of prosecutions. He told the website, "TMZ" "It is a blatant violation of private life. It has been contact with the relevant authorities which will hunt down all of the published photographs stolen to Jennifer Lawrence," according to Agence France-Presse
According to what the British press quoted by "The Guardian," on Sunday it was surprised visitors to a web-cum-list actresses and celebrities of whom Jennifer Lawrence and Avril Lavigne and Kim Kardashian and Rihanna and Kirsten Dunst and others topless.
And immediately the website deletes these images published by a hacker, but the footage of the images has been saved by ordinary users.
And it did not comment any of the starlets who have been leaked after their photographs on it after the infusion.
Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence has Joined to list starlets who have violated their privacy, their nude photos have been published online.
Nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence spread, Oscar-winning in 2012 for her role in the movie Silver Linings Playbook via sites such as 4chan, and the hacker wrote that he accepts money by PayPal to allow Show XXX Videos of Lawrence. According Buzzfeed, Jennifer Lawrence among the 101 star has been leaking nude pictures Sunday, among them British supermodel Kate Upton, and Victoria Justice, and actress Mary Elizabeth, and she tweeted: "to those who are looking for My picked up by the inside of our house with my husband and in privacy, I tell you, I hope that you will be proud of yourselves and what you do ".

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