Will Smith a professional hustler fell by a woman

A veteran Hustler decides to cheat an attractive woman, but  things get complicated, and he fell in what he planned to do? It is a new movie for the star "Will Smith."
Focus is the name of new film, which "Smith" got the starring role and which  is the last work of the star, it expected soon to be displayed , the movie is written by both "Glen Withara" and "John Rocca",Focus is romantic comedy."
The movie passed over a large number of stars, including "Brad Pitt" and "Catherine Stewart" and others, however, many circumstances prevented them from acceptance, until the actual start of filming after it stopped several times in 2013 , and since that time film family moved from one location to another for the completion of filming  before the deadline for display.
the stars "Margot Robbie" and "Rodrigo Santoro" Participating in the starring role of the movie , which is  directed by the same duo who participated in writing the script, "Glenn Withara" and "John Rocca" and produced by "Warner Bros".
the trailer of the movie has been launched since the first days of the movie , and theaters are preparing for the reception of the American work on February 27 of next year 0.2015.

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