National Boss Day is a big chance for workers to impress their bosses

In this big day workers can show appreciation for hard working supervisors by making their lives easier in the workplace instead of presenting their superiors gifts.
Bosses are humans and they need a little love , so we can show our appreciation for the unappreciated supervisors in our working lives in the National Boss Day in Wednesday which is the workplace pseudo-holiday.
It is celebrating the 55- years old tradition in which we ( employers , workers) can present him or her  a penny coffee or an overpriced lunch.
So by celebrating and presenting gift ideas we can impress our boss and get benefit our own career.
So I suggest for you 9 Proven way to impress your boss in the National Boss day:
You should show your focused , trustworthy , and committed by wearing red.
If someone wants to persuade someone in the office , he should wear a powerful shade of red , as a study published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research in 2012 declared that waitresses wearing red earned more money.
You should wake up and go to the office early.
If someone used to wake up early , he will be more healthier , happier, have satisfaction than who prefer the night life.
If you are female , you should wear makeup.
According to a study founded by makeup manufacturer protector and Gamble, which speaks that Professional women with makeup is more likeable and competent than natural one.
You should show that you have leadership potential.
When you have executive presence , it comes down to exuding calmness, and confidence under pressure.
You should not negotiate face to face.
In order to impress your boss by your negotiating skills , you should do it by a virtual medium.
You should make your boss thanks that your ideas was theirs all along.
You convince your boss that an idea is related to him or her on a personal level, so he or she will have even greater commitment to that idea.
You should think carefully before helping someone at work.
As study conducted by German and Swiss researchers found that those who supplied assistance did worse while those who requested help with a task performed better.
You should smile a lot.
When you smile a lot in your wok , your body will work better.
You should have sex at least four times a week.
You should be happy , and calm person in order to impress your boss, and having sex a lot per week , you will be happy and confidence.

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