12 dead by the attack on the Marine headquarters in Washington

U.S. authorities said that the outcome of the armed attack on the U.S. naval headquarters in the capital rose to 12 people, and confirmed the killing of an armed while others are being sought suspected were involved in it.
And the mayor of Washington and the city's police commander new temporary outcome announced at a news conference after it was referred to previous outcome of seven dead and five wounded, including two policemen.
The police commander Washington Kathy Liner said that one of the attackers was killed, although there is a possibility for the existence of other militants implicated with him, which is referred to earlier in the day the Washington Post newspaper, quoting security sources.
Liner added that one of the two men being sought them white skin, while the second black, and they were both wearing military clothes, pointing out that defended the attack is not yet known.
U.S. authorities said later that they recognized the identity of one of the attackers and he is called Aaron Alex from Texas.
The fire in the building , which 3,000 Navy personnel employs began after eight in the morning Washington time , and summoned the authorities to immediately and units of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) , security units and other military .
At the same time, the authorities ordered the workers in the building to resort to safe places so as not to be exposed to lead the attacker or attackers. The Al - Jazeera correspondent in Washington, a remote scientific Mohammed announced a gunman killed inside the building that the U.S. security services still impose stressing gasket on the site of the attack, which is not far from the Ronald Reagan International Airport.

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