The Sweetie Doughnut Day

Who of us does not like doughnuts and their delicious forms and tastes, either with Cream-filled , or glazed , or with jelly or even with my lovely chocolate varieties , so let’s celebrate in the day of doughnut which is in the 7th of June of every year.
This sweet holiday is established to collect the money during the Great Depression in the 1938 as a sweet day to be hold every year in the same date and to be also international sweet day, in addition it is hold in the honor of the female volunteers, and as they called lassies which was their jobs to support the fighters on the front lines during World War I and prepared for them meals and sweets like doughnuts, of course.
Doughnut weighs in at 360 calories, which is less than sausage sandwich. It has 8 grams of fat and 730 mg of sodium, but it has great taste. Any one tries it once he will want to eat it again and again.
At Dunkin`Dounuts any one takes beverage purchase will take free doughnut. You can make doughnuts as desert after food or in the celebrations, it has great taste .doughnuts can be substitute breakfast it is combination of a glazed doughnut, bacon and eggs. Doughnuts combine of sugar, salt, and fat which create an addictive response.
I remembered well when I with my fiancée went especially to have Doughnuts, you can present it in every occasion and I think that no one in the world who does not like this sweetie piece.
You can find it round the world and with various tastes , and in this day od Doughnuts , you can get as much as you like from it for free, because the big famous sweetie places presents it in the Doughnuts Day for free as a celebration with this day and  propaganda for them .

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