January Jones in new film “Sweetwater”

The star of “Mad Men” January Jones took photos for her new film “Sweetwater”. She wore in a different style as 60’s style dress and she made a different role.
January Jones was best known in “Mad Men” in the role of wife Betty Draper, but now we will see her in new role that required from her to go topless.
We will see January in a new role and style; we will see her in red hair and in old fashion because the film set in the 1800s in a western tale. January made a role of ex-prostitute and in the present time she is a widow and she wants to revenge from the New Mexico territory then she faced a war with Sheriff Jackson who is played by Ed Harris.
The film now is billed “Sweet Vengeance”, it does not have release date in US. However the film will be shown in France in the beginning of October.
There are some rumors about Jones that Liam Hemsworth is making a relation with her and cheated his fiancé Miley Cyrus but after a day Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their engagement and Jones could not do anything and Hemsworth said that all this rumors about his relation with Jones is not true and he loves Cyrus.
Of course January Jones as the stars all people will talk about her and say a lot of rumors about her life and her work.
January Jones is a strong woman and can go ahead and continue in her life. We are waiting for her new film “Sweet Vengeance” and we are waiting to see her in a different and new role which will give her a big success.
Finally we say to January good luck and we wish to her happy life.  

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