Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne sent public tweets after many weeks

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne sent to each other tweets although they did not sent anything for several weeks.
Shane Warne who is in Australia did not talk about Elizabeth Hurley who is his fiancé while he was celebrating in his birthday on Friday. Shane is 44 year old and his fiancé is 48 year old.
He sent thanks to all his friend and family who sent to him message for his birthday. Then he wrote a message that he should not think of life but what we feel and how we react in this life.
While Elizabeth wrote happy birthday to all Australian fathers, both of them did not mention the other for many months.
In July 2010 they linked together, and then the couple took a photo when they were kissing each other in a hotel .after that. she admitted on tweeter that she separated from her husband Arun Nayar from many months and in the same time Shane Warne admitted that he separated from his ex-wife who he divorced in 2007 ,Simone Callahan. He wrote about that he was sad in this separation and he will be friend with Simone and he respects her a lot.
Elizabeth and Shane started to date from 2010 and after one year he proposed to Elizabeth in October 2011.
In an interview the couples talked about their plans of marriage in 2013 and where they will make the party in Australia or in London.
Elizabeth talked about Shane and she said that she is very happy with him and she loves him a lot and they have many common things and many different things but they share love and they want to spend their life together although they have different backgrounds but they can understand each other well.

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