Robin Roberts is a Lesbian

The presenter of the talk show in American Broadcasting Corporation of America, "ABC's" Robin Roberts Revealed through a commentary published on its front page on Facebook as a lesbian, a recognition for as long as it was known to her friends and co-workers for a long time.

As for Roberts, who at the age of 53 years, she have been very open about her health, but she did not talk earlier about her sexuality.

At the end of the year message, she  posted on the Facebook page of their Sunday comment that: "I am grateful for my entire family, and my girlfriend for a long time Amber, my friends, as we prepare to celebrate the New Year together glorious."
Although Robin Roberts did not reveal the name of her friend, but People magazine announced their identity with Amber Line, who specializes in therapeutic massage, from the city of San Francisco, where she met through mutual friends a decade ago.

It is noteworthy that Roberts, was chosen by President Barack Obama in May 2012 to conduct an interview historic, and recognized by his support for gay marriage.
Robin Roberts had talked at length about her battle with breast cancer in 2008 and again in 2012 after he underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder, called myelodys plastic disease.
As for commenting on 'Facebook, it suits with the passage of the first anniversary of the day cent of the healing of the bone marrow transplant.
Robin Roberts was born in November 23, 1960 in Alabama, U.S.A.
Roberts  got the B.A. in Communication 0 from the Southeastern Louisiana University.  

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