Sofia Vergara highest paid TV actress in the United States

Forbes magazine said on Wednesday that Colombian Sofia Vergara one of the heroes of the comedy series "" Modern Family retained for the Third World in a row the title of the highest paid actress on television American income amounted to about 37 million dollars.

As happened in the last year Vergara overtook -who reward for one episode  in the comedy series 325 thousand Dollar- over  Maresca Harjitaa which ranked second income amounted to 13 million dollars.

And came in third place Cali-Coco Sweeting income amounted to 11 million dollars.

and In addition to her television , Vergara signed agreements for advertising and promotions with companies operating in beverages, cosmetics, clothing and other areas. It also participated in the founding of the company Latin World Entertainment specializing in talent management and entertainment marketing business.

And came in fourth place three actresses are Julianna Margolis and Ellen Pompeo and Kobe Smolders income amounted to 10 million dollars for each of them.

And the Forbes put list, according to estimates of income before taxes in the period between June 2013 and June 2014 from television work for decades and actresses promotion and advertising work and talk to agents and managers work and the work of lawyers.

Estimates do not include the expenses of administration and other expenses.

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