The death of the American comedienne Joan Rivers at 81 years

We announce the death Thursday comedienne Joan Rivers in a New York hospital after her heart stopped beating during the surgery she underwent a week ago.

Melissa Rivers drew, daughter of Joan, a message
to the fans of her mother, saying: "We wish I and my son to thank all the doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital for the large care they placed to my mother, we were surrounded by the love and support and pray over the past few days and throughout the world."
A lot of celebrities the world messages of condolence drew to the Rivers family , recalling the life full of achievements, as she said the American president's wife of the late Ronald Reagan, Nancy: "Joan were not only a dear friend, but it was one of the nicest and best people I have ever met."
For his part, the American billionaire Donald Trump: "Joan was stronger in her last days of her infancy, and that her character was fantastic and memorable."
and Rivers was famous at the beginning of her life to provide comics at theaters, through a program known as "Fashion Police."
The funeral will be held next Sunday Rivers in Manhattan, but did not specify time to set up.
the daughter of Joan Rivers that Said her mother died at 81 years ago in New York on Thursday after a week of being infected with the stoppage of the heart and breathing during surgery in the vocal cords.
Melissa Rivers Said, "announced with great sadness the death of my mother Joan Rivers. Died in peace time 13:17 surrounded by her family and close friends.

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