19 Injured by Gunfire Incident in New Orleans

New Orleans, United States of America (CNN) - 19 people were injured in the shooting occurred, Sunday, during the review on the occasion of Mother's Day in the city of New Orleans, the southern United States,  as security sources declared , in an incident coincided with the disclosure of planned mass murder by poisoning the water and air in the U.S..
The sources pointed out that the wounded in the incident were two children, and 10 men next to 7 women, their injuries varied between minor and dangerous.
The spokesman for police Orleans, Remi Braden, said in press release: "This incident is very strange and we are confident that we will arrest perpetrators quickly."
The city's police chief, Ronal Serbas, to WYI Channel “the same as CNN, told that "two or possibly three, for unknown reasons, they began to fire at the crowd."
The incident is coincided with the U.S. authorities uncovered a plot to contaminate water and air in the U.S. is able bacteria to kill hundred thousand people, and after less than a month targeting the Boston Marathon, which killed three people dead and dozens wounded.
And the police yet still try to stop and respond to any terrorist attempt.
So in April 15, 2013 two bombings expulsion hit Boston Marathon 2013 the last month and in which was attained by 27 thousand people of the audience in both of street sides to follow the marathon.
The bombings killed three people and injured at least 183 persons. And the innocents were two who had the American nationality and they were from Chechnya.

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