Courteney Cox, the director for the first time in (Just Before I Go)

It Came to light film ( Just Before I Go ), a first experiment in film-actress Courtney Cox and engages with the Comedy idea of ​​suicide.
The story centers around a shop worker for the pet named Ted who is thinking of suicide because of his suffering in life. And the premiere for the film (Just before I Go) held on Thursday during the Tribeca Film Festival.
Before Ted to commit suicide aged 40 years decides to return to his hometown to face the people abused him in his childhood before ending his life and the events evolve.
And the veteran actor Sean William Scott embodies Ted character in the film involving actress Connie Stevens in the role of mother of Ted and actress Diane Ladd.
Cox, 49, Said well-known character in the comedy series Monica (Friends  ) "It is a story full of emotion, but also humorous and this strongly drawn to it."
Cox is also a producer of the film.
Cox said that the experience helped her as an actress in film during the 22 days only.
she added , "I know exactly how to talk to actors and understand what they need to ... understand what they are going through and I can guide them and help them.
Courteney Cox is an American actress born in a wealthy southern family. Her father is a businessman Richard Cox and her mother Courtney. She was the youngest children of her family and her sister and brothers names are Virginia, Dottie, and Richard Jr.. she grew up amid velvety community in Alabama. The little girl was shocked when he got a divorce between her parents in 1974 and then the father decided to move to Florida.

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