San Francisco marries Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington offered the public that she married San Francisco, she married him in 24 June. Kerry Washington was dating San Francisco. Kerry Washington keeps things in secret as her character Olivia Pope in “Scandal”. The actress is 36 year old while San Francisco is 49year old, the couple has been dating since last summer. The couples made a secret ceremony just their family and closest friend came to the ceremony . The marriage certificate was signed by Earl and Valerie the actress parents . Django Unchained was not one of her love affairs. She was known David Moscow from 2004 to 2007 who acted in “Big” the young Tom Hanks , after that she stayed single without boyfriend . The news of the marriage between Kerry Washington and San Francisco comes after Washington’s rep told E. Mark Holden who is the athlete’s manager would neither confirm nor deny dating rumors , while NFL player had a hard time committing to a football team who played with the Raiders.  Kerry Washington did not give any indication of a romance or any planned nuptials then she go to twitter on Tuesday and express the excitement in ABC show in the second season of the program in the UK . Kerry Washington and San Francisco were dating since a year and then they married in a secret party and the couple did not invite more than the closest friends and some member of their families. There was no journalist in the party . Kerry Washington made a surprise to her fans when she married in secret . It was small concert with some people but the couples were so happy and they had a great time, the cake of the wedding was great and the place was very great.      

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