Kate Upton on Vogue Cover

Kate Upton appeared in Vogue after her appearance in Sport Illustrated, and Kate proved to her fans that she do that as well as modeling. It is the last cover for the most beauty model Kate Upton who is now 20 years old. She appeared in the cover and seemed to be like she nailed it.
Kate Upton although is not the only beautiful girl who can appear in a Vogue cover in a special style of herself, but she still has got a lot of pretty wonderful companies.
Here as an example, the son of Audery Hepurn said that that his mother does not consider herself beautiful although she appeared in the cover several times in 50s and 60s.
The fans loved her show through swimsuit in Sport Illustrated and her appearance on the front of Vogue in January. There are so many criticisms by critics on Upton in her photo cover on Sport Illustrated, where she appeared on a ship in Antarctica revealing to her expanse of cleavage. But she was optimistic in her interview where she said that funny to think, the news is speaking about me if I am fat or not.

Let’s us not forget the famous model like Cindy Crawford ,  and Claudia Schaffer in which they appeared on the cover Vogue 18 times approximately .
 Kate Upton is an actress and model for swimsuits, was born in July 10, 1992.
She had two films , the first one entitled Tower Heist in 2011 and she took the role as Mr. Hightower’s Mistress, and the other one entitled The Three Stooges in 2012 also she had the role as Sister Bernice.
Through the TV screen she had two series, the first is entitled Tosh.O in 2011 and she had the real role of herself, and the other series is Saturday Night Live in 2012 also she acted through her real role.

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