Niki Minaj may be the next to Exit in American Idol

Niki Minaj declared that she will stop her work as a judge in American Idol the next year after a season full of feuds, drama, and outrageous outfits.
She said that she is happy in American Idol but she will leave it the next season because she will concentrates on her music career, American Idol for her is a good experiment but she has a lot of works she has to achieve in her music life. So she will not stay more than one season.
Her departure is announced after the announcement of Randy Jackson’s departure for the next season, where he declared that he will also leave American Idol in which he served as a judge for 12 month and will prepare himself to continue his career life.
Jackson declared in the previous week that he is very happy and proud for his job in American Idol after 12 month of wonderful and amazing season, and as he added about American Idol, it is new way of producing music and musical television programs and it is a big chance for him but he has to concentrate on his Dream Merchant 21company and other projects.
On the side, Keith Urban wants to return as a judge to American Idol, and it is expected also that Kree Harrison and Candice Glover receive judge position in American Idol next season, which is 13 American Idol season.
The next season of American Idol will be new according to the radical changes in the forum of judges, so will Keith Urban come back as a judge in American Idol or we will see new faces and new soul with new drama stories and feuds about the judges like what happened between Carry and Minaj, I do not know but I am very eager to know what will American Idol be the next season.

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