Kris sister tells about Kris accusing of Kris of Cheating Bruce

As we hear and know about the reasons of separation between Kris and Bruce to let us believe that their separation was simple and amicable.
The couple announced from his and her side that the separation was an organic progression of their relationship, they declared that they are now incredibly happy on their own and new way of life.
Who listened or heard their story, I think he believed that what they said was true until a new story revealed from a very close person to them.
The old story about the reasons of the separation speaks about the Presence of Kim Kardashian and her daughter baby, who drove Bruce away. It is something is not clear and supported with evidence. The new story speaks about latest reports of accusing Kris Jenner of infidelity.
Of course we should not believe any rumors concerned with this story, but when it came from the very close person to the couple, it is different, especially when Karen Houghton who is Kris sister.
The story of Karen is not gossip about rather her herself told Radar Online that her sister Kris admitted to cheating Bruce of 22 years old, Kris has a hole in her soul as Karen claimed.
Karen added that Bruce is the nicest guy and he will definitely find someone to love and care about him but Kris?
Karen said that her sister will also find someone in two day and she will hurry to tell the websites about that. Karen expressed some sympathy with her sister Kris although she was slamming her as a cheater.
She may cheat her husband as Karen claims, but it is also unclear, do you think that Kris Cheated Bruce as Karen her sister tells Radar Online?

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